Preventive Measures Against the COVID-19 Virus

Implameq following the recommendations of the National Government and taking the preventive measures against COVID-19, the following changes will be adopted for the health of our collaborators and the community in general:

  • Washing handspermanently (use antibacterial gel, antibacterial bar soap, antibacterial liquid soap or alcohol).
  • Use of face masks for employees who must be in clinics and on the street (emissaries, surgical instructors, commercial advisers). Instrumenters and commercial personnel must be alert to the call whenever a visit or surgery is required and use the elements of personal protection.
  • Protection kit will be delivered (we will be carrying out the procurement for each city).
  • Keep in mind that whenever someone returns from the street, they should wash their hands properly.
  • People with flu or flu symptoms should report to their immediate boss and Human Management to take the necessary work measures as appropriate.

If you have major symptoms, you should consult the health service or the helpline enabled. Annex to the end list of telephones for each city.


Attention lines in the country:

Barranquilla: 3733333 – 3175173964
Atlántico: (035) 3236220
Magdalena: 3128070326
Cesar: 018000955590
Arauca: 3504120127
Boyacá: 3114834104
Huila: 8706633 – 8702277 – 8703096
Caldas: 8800818 – 3104267906
Risaralda: 3152823059
Bogotá: 3649666
Cali: 5195100 3167779452
Preventive care lines in the rest of the country 018000955590

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