More than 247 thousand health professionals will receive vouchers for COVID-19 care

Since the start of the pandemic, the Government promised an extra bonus for health workers who have been exposed to COVID-19 for their work. After so much waiting, this month they will begin to receive that economic remuneration.

In total, 247,504 health professionals were reported by public and private IPS, territorial entities and by the National Institute of Health (INS). This group is part of the 187 profiles that will receive the bonus for their professional practice. The amounts were estimated according to the base contribution income, the academic level of each person and the level of exposure to the virus. “Based on this, a temporary recognition will be made that will not be less than a minimum wage and may not exceed 4.5 minimum wages,” explained the Ministry of Health.

The appropriations will be made by the Administrator of the Resources of the General System of Social Security in Health (ADRES). They will be made to the bank account of each person as of October 14. How much will each professional receive? Although the amounts will be detailed in the resolution, Ruiz gave several examples: nursing assistants who were in the first line of care will receive $ 1,097,254. Professional nurses and physical or respiratory therapists, $ 1,755,606. General physicians: $ 2,063,837; and specialists in anesthesiology and intensive care, $ 3’950,114.

We extend fraternal thanks to all health professionals for their vocation of service and professionalism!

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