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With our back you can have the type of medical implant according your need and the service for the realization of a successful quirurgic treatment.


Respond in advance to the needs of health entities, providing with our human talent a clear, close and efficient service to the surgical medical team. Our main objective is to improve the quality of life of the community, being recognized as the national leader organization in commercialize and distribute medical surgical implants.

Promote the welfare of the company by improving their quality of life; supported by technological advances and backed by our human talent, providing the best service to the surgical medical team, responding in advance to the needs of the health entities, to become its most reliable ally, generating a permanent and responsible commercial and financial growth.

To be recognize by the year 2022 as a leading national company in the marketing and distribution of surgical medical devices, characterized by quality in customer service, loyalty, compliance; guaranteeing the service to our internal and external clients, committed to the development of the organization through product innovation and teamwork.

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At Implameq SAS we focus on satisfying the needs and expectations of our clients, promoting the well-being of the community, the continuous improvement of processes that guarantee sustainability, competitiveness and increased profits for the organization and shareholders, and also the quality of our services, training our collaborators with the necessary competencies, promoting the preservation of the environment, compliance with market requirements and applicable legislation, based on the quality management system.

Allies of

Canwell Medical

Canwell Medical is currently one of the largest designers, manufacturers and suppliers of implants and orthopedic instruments in China. Invest in innovation to constantly update their production equipment and improve processes by developing superior techniques

U&I Corporation

U&I Corporation dedicates more than 35% of its staff to R&D and quality management and invests 20% of its total annual sales in research and development to fulfill its mission of providing innovative medical solutions.


Aike Meoo Gives patients greater comfort. All its products have CE and ISO certification.

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